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Money Robot is a top-quality linking software that generates high-quality links from authoritative websites with high-quality metrics. It is also the only blog creator software that can be used to build and manage an infinite number of blogs, which makes it ideal for running the most extensive of SEO campaigns.


Before I begin to discuss how you can make use of a money robot, let’s first discuss the cost associated with it. There are two pricing options to choose from. Buy Money Robot SubmitterThe first is a month-long subscription that costs $67 and the other one is a single purchase of $497. In the end it is the best option since you’ll have the tool for as long as you want. After reading this article If you’re not sure whether this tool is right suitable for you, I’d recommend trying it first by paying a monthly cost.

Money Robot also comes with the option of a free trial for 7 days that I recommend everyone use to gain some hands-on knowledge of the tool before purchasing any product.


Before you begin working with Money Robot you want to ensure that you have the correct proxy servers in place. The tool comes with default ones that you can utilize, however for better results, I’d recommend using one of your own specific ones in order to improve the speed that Money Robot will work and the volume of content it will create for you.

Buy Money Robot Submitter

To add proxy servers, go towards the S Ettings section in the upper right which opens an additional window in which you will be able to select from the Proxy tab.

In this section, you can include any private proxy that you own. If you don’t have any, there are many locations you can obtain these. I suggest trying It is possible to paste them here in the following format:

Ip address:port:username:password

Check the box that reads ‘Use my proxy list’ prior to saving your proxy lists.

Another thing to ensure you have is a captcha breaker.

While Money Robot is creating accounts and submitting articles, it will encounter captcha forms. You can perform these manually, but how long it will take could take many hours which can be replaced with the right software. This is the tool Money Robot recommends, I myself use a GSA captcha breaker, however, all of them will suffice.

Once you’ve got all your proxies and captcha breakers installed, it’s time to build your campaign.

Creating a Campaign

After you’ve purchased Money Robot the installation process is fairly simple. Once you’re done, you can open the program and the first thing to do is to build your campaign.

Above is a picture of the setup window in which you enter the following information:

  • Target URLs (Money websites)
  • Keywords you’d like to get to the top of the list for
  • The article’s title
  • The content of the article

The article section is crucial to be successful in a campaign. you’ll need to write several articles and save them to an appropriate folder. Now when you arrive at this section, you must select the option which says “load the articles into the folder’. This lets you submit a variety of articles in order to prevent any duplication.

On the right-hand side, you’ll also find an image that shows the strategy for your campaign. Selecting that drop-down above lets you pick the strategy you’d like to employ according to how competitive it is.

These are simply examples of what Money Robot give you to start with. You can add or remove items once you have made it live.

As you can see, your money site is situated on the middle of all other link types that surround it, such as web 2.0s as well as social shares, bookmarks etc. It also reveals how the campaign is tied, and from the above image, you can see that social shares and social likes are directed to the site for money and there are numerous web 2.0 profiles that point to blogs, which in turn point at the money site.

When you’re satisfied with the campaigns , it’s time to launch it. If you’re conducting a highly popular campaign, then I’d recommend spreading out the submission over a period of days. There isn’t a definitive solution here, however you should let Money Robot to gradually develop links for your site in order to ensure that you don’t get penalized.Buy Money Robot Submitter

After the project has been in progress, Money Robot will start making web 2.0 and internet 2.o accounts that will follow your site and like it. If you’re conducting a campaign that has tasks that require writing, it will be using the articles you’ve saved in the folder.

It is also possible to create a new task in the campaign by clicking the “New Task button.

From here, you can begin these tasks by entering every setting as you move.

There are several additional tabs for money robots, with an additional feature:

My Accounts You can access all the accounts you’ve made, and you can view access the URLs, as well as the logins as well as passwords.

Social You can manually input your social media profiles. Money Robot will give you daily social shares and shares from their verified and trusted accounts. All you have to do is type in your social profile URLs.

Video Similar to the social function where you enter your YouTube video URLs. Money Robot will give you real-time views and likes on an ongoing basis.

Traffic The tab for traffic will allow you to get real-time search engine traffic for your sites. All you have to do is to input the URLs, and Money Robot does the rest.


Money Robot is one of the most effective tools available to build links. I wouldn’t recommend that you depend on an application to handle all of your backlinking. However, when you’re in need of that little additional for your websites, Money Robot is the best solution. It is a tool that does exactly what it says. it comes with a simple interface that will make a great link-building template to modify and much of the work performed by the tool. It comes with an initial trial period, I’d strongly recommend that anyone give this program to try. There are many options available that at a minimum, will aid the effectiveness of your SEO campaign.

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