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We’ve experienced just how long scraping new websites will take. Scraping can be extremely slow, and it can slow down the rate at which you create backlinks for your site. Luckily, we have an extremely powerful, dedicated server that lets us scrape GSA target websites for SER rapidly. When you upload your GSA list of SER-verified websites to your verified websites list folder, you’ll be able to start creating links straight away, without having to go through a lengthy and slow scraping. We make use of thousands of keywords to crawl GSA targets of SER on a regular basis to ensure that we are able to capture as many websites as we can.


New Game-Changing Add-On to GSA SER Gives You Millions of Fresh, Verified, Tier 1Grade Targets Per Month on Auto Pilot!

What are SER Verified Lists?

  • GSER Verified List is a cloud-based service that can deliver millions of GSA pre-verified live targets directly to the GSA Search Engine Ranker… improving your GSA ranking and SER in a matter of minutes and permanently! It’s here … GSA SER Verified Targets is the GSA-verified SER Target System you’ve been waiting for!

What are the reasons to consider giving this a shot?

  • Filtered Pre-Filtered GSA Verified SER TargetsAutomatically sorting the millions of verified SER targets into contextual-only targets PA/DA targets with high MOZ, and targets with low OBL. Our system can even sort to identify GSA Captcha Breaker-only support targets.
  • 24-Hour Real-Time Synchronization
    We are adding thousands of new high-quality targets every day so that you will never be short of targets to target!
  • Removes Dead and Spammed Targets
    Our cloud-based service filters out low-quality targets which could affect ranking … therefore you will only receive low-OBL targeted domains with high authority that can instantly increase your ranking!
  • Solution for Beast LPM and VPM
    The most effective upgrade to improve VPM and LPM Simply plug it into the outlet, turn on, and observe as our innovative GSA Verified Target System begins to boost GSA SER and increase your SER’s LPM, VPM, and positive rank on your campaigns week after week or month in and month out!

More Details:

This is a significant update on this GSA SER verified list of auto-approved URLs. In the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve observed that many websites listed on our prior list aren’t working anymore This could be because many businesses are unable to be sustained and are closing in the midst of the Coronavirus. This means that a large portion of GSA SER lists is outdated. On the positive side, we’ve been able to scrape many new websites, which could be a sign that people are launching their own websites in the COVID-19 epidemic because there is more time. We’ve looked at the performance of recently scraped websites and found that many of them are relatively new and have zero spam and well-maintained domain profiles, with good authoritative domains (MOZ) as well as trust flow, low citation flow, good Alexa traffic, and excellent backlink profiles. We have eliminated all sites that are harmful and have been bombarded with spam since there is no worth in them in the end, you’ll need to eliminate those harmful backlinks. A fresh list can help you to create solid and high-quality backlinks. We’re always trying out new ways to increase the success rate of link building and minimize spam. In order to accomplish this, we’ve removed duplicate domains in cases where there are numerous URLs since when you post to the same website using the same content or links it is likely that you will see your links removed. We also randomly sorted the domains in order to ensure that you do not post to the same websites (blog posts) with a reasonable delay. If you’re posting a couple of messages and backlinks it is more likely to have an excellent rate of success. Along with adding GSA-approved website lists, we’ve included the success links, which means that you are able to upload your content, however, it will be reviewed by a moderator or administrator. If you take a long minute working to improve your content and you are able to have a high approval rate. The current list contains more than 4 million web URLs on all platforms. Alongside this GSA Search Engine Ranker list and a list of forums, we also put into an official listing of every forum around all over the globe (around half one million) and blog posts (around 4 million). If you are looking to perform massive postings on forums or blog publishing, then you could download one or both of the lists. Forums are increasingly important for Google’s ranking factors, as I will describe in the following paragraphs. Backlinks from blog posts are excellent to index your Tier 2 and 3 hyperlinks, but you should not post them on your bank site because it could result in penalization.


As you are likely to know, Google released a core algorithm update in May 2020. in its overview, Google will count to follow links, and Author authority could be a key ranking factor. So, when you post links, make sure to add the name of the author and make some social media pages to promote this author. Google will prioritize articles written that are written by reputable authors over posts written by non-authors. Brand mentions in forum posts and on websites that are authoritative are now a major ranking factor since it shows that a site is popular due to the interaction of social media within it. A different thing to consider is Google will categorize and classify websites with authority by adding them to its authority list when they are featured on high-authority sites like Forbes, CNN, BBC, Cosmopolitan, Allure, Tatler, Vogue, Grazia, and many more. The Covid-19 virus has led to major changes in rankings because people’s search habits have changed throughout the duration of the disease. It is apparent that topical relevance is the keyword to remember during this update. These sites of authority are also known as “seed sites. We personally have learned from the latest update. We encourage you to conduct your own study.

April 2020 We have added more than six million websites to GSA’s Search Engine Ranker Verified List on all web platforms. We’ve focused on bringing in websites with high DA (Moz factors) websites with high trust and low citation flow (Majestic factors). In our latest scrapes, we’ve found numerous new websites that have a low OBL that are extremely difficult to find using search engines. We have taken out a large number of harmful sites with an extremely high score for spam. Additionally, we have narrowed the list to eliminate well-known PBN websites. Alongside our GSA Verified list of SERs We have added two distinct files, one of which contains) every forum in the world and two) blog comment websites.

March, 2020The complete GSA SE list is reorganized to get rid of all non-resolving domains and the ones that have been “verified”/require admin approval before posting. We added 150,000 sites that have extremely low OBL profiles and outstanding domain measurements (Moz DA, Majestic trust flow, Alexa traffic, etc). We also have removed websites that have extremely high OBL and low-quality metrics. These are websites that have been penalized by Google or have the potential to create negative backlinks to your website. The current list includes an impressive set of top quality websites on all devices. We have added more than 100 UK classified directories.

January 2020The entire GSA Search Engine Ranker list has been checked and updated over the span 3 months. We’ve employed over five hundred dedicated proxies to crawl all search engines for over 7,000 niches as well as micro-niches. This has helped us gather more than 6 million websites in nearly every niche! The list includes a variety of brand-new sites. The master list is broken into files with 100,000 URLs per file in order to make lists easier to manage, particularly when you upload them to GSA SER. We strongly suggest that you think about making use of XEvil as well as Xrumer from Botmaster Labs to solve Google captchas of images since many high-quality and high-quality sites use Google image captchas.

November 19, 2019This is the massive update that you’ve wanted for so long. The complete GSA SER Verified List includes more than 6 million verified targets which you can publish to and get high-quality backlinks. We’ve been scraping a list of more than 400000 forums with HREFER a tool developed by Botmaster Labs (authors of XRumer and XEvil) that allows users to search for forums across the globe running across all platforms. This is a fantastic addition to the list. Also, we’ve taken the decision to approach things differently, making the process easier by combining our lists from the past and present into a single master file, which we’ve broken up into multiple files to make it easier to upload. We also ran every website through verification software and eliminated all dead sites. We also have excluded many websites that have a high score for spam (have been repeatedly spammed!) because you don’t wish to share your information with these. This entire listing is simple to access today. All you need to do is upload the sites you want to be on and the software will determine the platforms and then post to them.

July 2019, (Update 2) Update 2:we have taken down the old site lists due to the fact that a lot of them have stopped working, and those that do are being sprayed with spam to death which could result in a Penguin penalty. We have updated our list of verified websites, a large portion of which have minimal OBL and are relatively new. Ideal for first access advantage in the area of backlinking is concerned.

July, 2019We have completely revamped our lists, eliminating the previous list that was accumulated over the past year, and replacing it with an updated list of targeted sites that have low OBLs. In all, there are about 2 million URLs. The majority of websites are relatively modern and fresh, and aren’t being spammed to death! To be able to use them for historical purposes we’ve included an archive file with the lists of sites from before However, we recommend against using it since you do not want to make numerous backlinks to sites with staggeringly high OBLs.

April 2019, Fresh lists have been put in an additional folder. I’ve also added the list of submissions that have been approved hyperlinks (but that aren’t verified). These hyperlinks are crucial and have a decent approval rate, as you’re not making a statement that is clearly spam. Also, submitted successfully however, they do not have low OBL (outgoing of the backlink’s profile) which is more beneficial for SEO. I’ve started using the Xevil application from Xrumer and, if not using it yet I would highly recommend it for even higher performance, especially when Google Captcha for images is used.

April 2019New listings have just been updated to servers 1 to 5, which have captured the most up-to-date websites. I’ve bought two more powerful servers. This has helped me make more detailed and complete lists faster.

January 2019 added a verified GSA list of SERs from two dedicated servers that have been in operation for more than a year. You must import all files in both folders to the GSA campaign for SER. I’m operating on a third dedicated server, and it is currently being updated with new websites! I will be uploading them during my next upgrade.


I use the software below regularly and can confirm the software. Below are affiliate hyperlinks. If you click on them, the program will not cost you more, but I’ll earn a profit to help me pay for my services and keep the cost of the software low.
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SER Verified Lists ($297/Year)

  • Unlimited Verified Targets Per Month
  • Over 80% Contextual
  • Sorted For MOZ(r) 15+ Page Authority
  • Sorted For MOZ(r) 15+ Domain Authority
  • Sorted For Below 100 OBL Targets
  • GSA Search Engine Ranker Templates & Addons


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